Craig Malozzi

Craig was born on 27 December 1987. He is truly a stunning example of the male body.

This 21 year old from Allentown and Philadelphia Pennsylvania, is a college student and young professional bodybuilder who has placed in competition.
He's not only a bodybuilder of course, but a natural athlete who enjoys Football, Basketball, Baseball & Golf among pretty much any other sport known to man.

More importantly for us however, he is also an experienced male model and now considers himself a Fitness Model, Underwear Model, and Fashion Model.

has an amazingly toned and ripped body, with a midsection chest and abs that scream male masculinity.

His underwear work is nothing short of sexy.
Craig has modelled for Michael Anthony Downs, Les Byerley, David Arnot, Troy Phillips, Bart Ruzik, Greg Curcio, Imagen Photography among others ...

has modelled for
Mike Downs at and is about to join the amazingly hot models of AllAmericanGuys and he will definitely not look out of place among these stunning models!

Vital statistics: Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 170 lbs
Measurements: 44-30-32
Shoe size: 11

Hair colour: Blonde
Hair length: Medium Eye colour: Blue
Skin colour: Tanned


Anonymous said…
wow, thanks!!!!! Ben
Anonymous said…
Really good assemblage of Craig's shots. Thanks
Anonymous said…
He is incredible to look at. Honestly, Craig Malozzi is one of the best looking guys I have ever seen.
Rex said…
wow, a great bod...