David Gilkey

David (The Gilk) Gilkey is a 25 year old Ohio fitness model and bodybuilder. He is a happy go lucky, motivated and easy going guy.

David's originally from Cleveland, Ohio but now makes his home in eastern Texas. On most days you can catch David pumping iron in the gym and dedicating his life to being healthy and fit. He's a "health buff" as he likes to call himself, preferring organic foods over non-organics. He enjoys modelling and travelling.

David has modelled for CityBoyz Fashion Menswear. You can easily see the reasons why he models sportswear, underwear and swimwear with them! And it should be no surprise – with a big hunky muscular body like his – that he has also been on the cover of romance novels at Dark Castle Lords.
You can see David at AllAmericanGuys.com where he has a huge following and I am one of his biggest fans!

In addition to bodybuilding and modelling, David is skilled in martial arts which he teaches and has had many victories in MMA fights. 

David has been competing in sport since he was 5 year old and is now ready for a change. He is very interested in acting and modelling. He is studying acting and was cast in the low budget independent horror film "Sculpture" in which David portrays a young bodybuilder named Sal. He was then cast in a NFTS movie called “Terror Overload”. David also appeared in “Hypochondriac” and “Rose’s Dream”. He is now working on producing a movie called “Stronger than Death” along with friend and co founder of Colossus Productions Marv Bleauvelt. 

This Division 1 All-American college wrestler weighs 

185 lbs. at a height of 5'11".


Steven Brown said…
David first modeled for me. I'm Steve Brown, owner of Cityboyzfashions.com You've probably seen him on our site or in our ads. David had never modeled before. I tried very hard to get David more exposure. I even initially contacted AAG several years ago. I'm glad his face and hot body are now getting noticed.

More pics of David can be found here:

Cityboyz Model Gallery
DJ said…
Thanks for the info Steve! You must be real proud of David! He is magnificent. It's great you helped him move foreward in modelling. And great work at Cityboyzfashion! Cheers. DJ.x
Anonymous said…
Please upload more pics of him! He is very delicious!
David Gilkey is also the cover model on SKAARNAKKE by Ellen Margret...enjoy.
DJ said…
Thanks for the info. David is such a hunk! His physique and gorgeousness fit the bill ...
Anonymous said…
Guys, David Gilkey has a couple of videos from All-American Guys. So sexy, would you guys please upload and share them please?

He is such a hottie, and he's very kind to his admirers as well.
DJ said…
Hey anonymous ... I wish I could but posting videos from AAG is strictly forbidden. Mike Downs from AAG is a good friend and I would never do anything to jeopardise this.
If people are fans of David then I strongly recommend they join AAG. It's cheap and there are many many hot guys like David! Loads of videos to watch too.
Anonymous said…
The videos on AAG of David Gilkey are great, and I'd love to see more of him. In his chat with AAG, he said that he appeared on "Cam Guys," which doesn't seem to archive their chats. Does anyone know if he ever appeared on Cam With Him, or another site that might have him in their archives?
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