Brock Harris

Gorgeous Brock was born in 1988, in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He is a wrestler who is primarily pursuing a career in acting while modelling on the side.

Brock is a Junior Music Theatre student in Hartford, Connecticut. He certainly has the looks and well-defined physique for acting and should do quite well. Meantime, Brock appears to be doing very well in modelling.

He is represented by Renegade Models.

His cover of the French gay mag TĂȘtu and the spread is so hot and sexy!

Brock is certainly another model worth watching as his career progresses.

Looking at his photos, I can imagine Brock in many roles as an actor: a hunky cowboy, an athlete, a cheeky boy next door type, a sexy cop, a naughty boy ... better stop here!

Brock claims to like the Pink Floyd and Elvis better than the Jonas Brothers and Britney, his idols are Marlon Brando and Sean Penn.

Vital statistics:

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 160 lbs

Measurements: 41-30-29

Hair: short blond

Eyes: blue

Check out Brock’s profile at Model Mayhem :

And check his spread at French Gay Mag


Anonymous said…
Precioso y super sexy chico....!!