Matthew Stone

Matt Stone was born in 1984, in Atlanta, Georgia where he was raised until 2009 when he moved to Florida to start a new life and try out the world. Matt’s first big modelling job was being featured on Seeing great potential, AAG presented him to a few prospective clients in the fitness and entertainment industry. The reaction was overwhelmingly positive and quickly, he secured his ticket to the modelling world when he graced the cover of DNA Magazine (issue 112).

Matt’s hobbies include motor biking and staying fit. He's a perfectionist in every way and likes to keep things neat. He's one of those guys that women just can't keep their hands off, but he's pretty modest and down to earth in his demeanour.

Interview with DNA Mag:

Is physique modelling your specialty?
I’m kinda new to modelling. It’s a year since I first started but only six months since I’ve had a clue! The physique shots are not my main goal but I am, or was, a big guy so fitness stuff is all I could do until I got to a normal size. I would love to just do fitness stuff because that is my passion but there’s no money in it.

You have incredible abs – how much work goes into those?
Thank you very much. I do put a lot of work into them. I hit abs three or four days a week, but really most of it comes from diet and cardio. Everyone has abs but you have to get rid of the layer of fat for them to pop out.

Actually, your whole body is bangin’! How much is hard work and how much is good genes?

It’s a combination of both but I do work extremely hard. I’ve been working out consistently for about nine years, and by consistently I mean at least four days a week. Over the past year I have stepped it up to every day. Last January I was 215 pounds (97 kilos) with four abs, and currently I am about 180 pounds (82 kilos) with, well, I don’t know how many abs. I guess it depends if you want to count the ones on the side! Just kidding. The hardest part is changing your diet, but you can get really creative with some healthy foods.

Your shoot for DNA is the best we’ve seen of you so far. Did you enjoy it?

Absolutely! Your photographer was extremely professional and talented with an eye for detail.

What do you do when you aren’t at the gym or being photographed?

I’m going all the time. I recently bought and moved onto a sailboat and I’m in the never-ending process of restoring it. When I’m not working on the boat my favourite thing to do is take my dogs Bud and Stud to the beach. Other than that I just enjoy doing anything outside. You’ll never find me laying on the couch watching TV.

Do you have a partner?

No, and I’m not looking either. I’m extremely ambitious and motivated and in this business I can’t have anyone holding me back. One of the reasons I’m getting a late start is because my ex discouraged it. So I’m working hard to get where I want to be and once I’m there, if someone can handle it, then we can talk.

It’s DNA’s Sports issue. Are you interested in team sports?
To be completely honest I’m not good at sports. I played soccer and baseball when I was growing up but was never any good. I’m more interested in things with wheels. I use to race mountain bikes when I lived in Georgia but now my main thing is riding motorcycles. I know it’s not a sport but it is quite possibly the funnest thing to do, especially in Florida.

Do you watch any sports?
I don’t. I have tried to get into football but I usually lose interest in the first quarter and I’m out the door.

What sport would you never try?

Rugby! This sport makes no sense to me. You know if you play you are going to get injured. So what is the point?

What are your longterm plans for modelling?

To work with a respectable network of agencies here in the States and internationally, and get paid to work and travel the world. It’s the best job if you are getting paid for your hard work.

Would you ever do a nude shoot?

No. I’m not interested in going that route. I’m not sure it would help my career.

If you were a cocktail you would be…?
Okay, I would be a Tall Top Shelf Margarita because it is sweet, sour and one is strong enough to do the trick. I used to be a bartender and this was my favourite drink.

What is better than sex?

This may sound cheesy but here goes… Leaving the gym before the sun sets after a ridiculous workout and riding my motorcycle by the beach – shirtless, of course – and jamming out to Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone from the Top Gun soundtrack. Don’t knock it until you try it!

Matt is represented by 301 Models and Major Model Management

Publications where Matt is featured:

Maximum Fitness, July & August 2008
Glamor, July 2009
Exercise for Men Only, May 2009
Mens Exercise, September 2009
Exercise for Men Only, August 2009
DNA (Cover) Issue 112, July 2009
Instinct (cover), June 2009
Exercise For Men Only - The Best of Abdominals, May 2009
Apollo Mag, July 2009
Instinct, July 2009

Vital statistics:
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 179 lbs
Shoe size: 10
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Blue


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