Matt Woods

Matt was born in 1983, in Portland, Oregon.
He studied at Arizona State University business and graduated with a B. A. in Business Administration. He continued training and eventually coached competitive gymnastics nationwide before moving to San Diego.

was unexpectedly thrust into the modelling world when he was chatting over coffee with his friend Garrison and expressed his interest in the "Rufskin" Product. Matt recalls, "He told me he worked for them and I should come and see him at the office. To be quite honest I was merely looking to score a free pair of booty shorts or some cute underwear." But to his surprise, the company was more interested in him. He says he ended up doing test shots and the rest was history!

was quickly signed to do a photoshoot. His talent as a model shined on his very first shoot. After working with "Rufskin," he was able to really spread his wings in the world of modelling.
By 2008, Matt had modelled for several clothing companies and graced the front cover of fitness magazines such as ‘Exercise for Men’ and ‘DNA’.

consider his abs as his favourite part of his body, but isn’t so keen on ‘the smile lines on his face – if you can consider smiles lines a body part’.

He loves travelling and reading books on spirituality and life.

In an interview with DNA Magazine, when asked who he would sleep with if he had to have sex with a politician, Matt replies: ‘God, this is a hard question! I guess I would have to say Bill Clinton. Even though he is no longer in office, he is still very active and for very good causes. Plus as far as looks go, he is the best of the worst’.

In five years Matt still sees himself modelling for fitness or fashion magazines but most likely he will be owning his own company and/or travelling the world. He really do love the style, quality and image of DNA. Maybe in five years he will be with the Aussies down under!

Matt says he is very much single! So, there’s still some chance for us!

When asked if being a Rufskin model make it easier or harder to date, Matt replies: ‘I won’t say being a Rufskin model makes it harder to date, but I would say it does seem to change the dynamic and expectations of the other person. When you are the face of a brand, people always have an idea or expectation of what they think you will be like.
Not to sound too cliché but I really am very much the boy next door. I was born and raised in Portland Oregon, graduated college from Arizona State University and am just a nice normal polite young man.
I do find that some guys are intimidated to talk with me, but after a couple of drinks I think everyone, including myself, feels a bit more relaxed’.

Some of his favourite items from the Rufskin collection are their jeans, underwear and of course swimsuits! (Well, he wears them SO well!). Matt loves their speedos, but his all time favourite item would have to be their “Brazilian cut” booty shorts.

Matt says that those Brazilian cut booty shorts have sexy and original prints and colours. And he points out that 'one of their suits is called the “Matt” named after yours truly'.

When asked if guys can meet him after the show, Matt doesn’t hesitate and says:
‘Yes! I would love to meet some new faces before, during and maybe even after the show. After my last heart break I have sworn off men for a bit, but I am always accepting resumes’!
Well, mine is in the post babe!

Oh, what a sweet stunning guy!