Benjamin Godfre

Dreamy Benjamin was born in 1988 in Virginia into a military family, so he moved around a lot. He’s lived in Washington state and Minnesota. Benjamin is of Irish, Italian and English descent. He has a brother called Mike. He left MN when he was 18 and moved to Miami for a year. He now attends Orange Coast College and lives in Newport Beach, Orange County.
Benjamin is a family orientated kind of guy, even though he lives far away from his family. He plans on graduating from OCC and then transferring to San Diego.
This stunning sexy guy got into modelling at a young age. Pushed by his mum, at age 12 Benjamin was in Target, several commercials and some other print ads. H took a break from modelling in high school, but as soon as he moved to CA, he continued on with modelling. He loves the fashion world and tries to keep up with current trends and supports local clothing companies, especially those that have a focus on skateboarding and surfing.
Benjamin’s career took off when he met veteran photographer Tom Cullis, who took beautiful photos of him. Soon after came his first big modelling job, strutting his athletic body for male fashion wear "". All of a sudden, the demand for Benjamin became so overwhelmingly high, that he received offers from several big clothing companies including Australian leading men's swimwear manufacturer "AussieBum."
His ability to project to the camera coupled with his great physique and exceptional good looks definitely make him a force to be reckoned with in the modelling world.
Benjamin plans on modelling while he’s young, then after he gets his education, he would like to pursuit more acting, which has always been a secret passion of his. He would also like to own a night club some day. He loves people and believes that with proper networking, anything is possible.
Benjamin is an Aries and says he can be a little too into astronomy sometimes. It’s like a guilty pleasure for him. He considers himself a very strong person and a natural born leader. Benjamin says he has more fun driving in his Jeep, listening to music on his way to school than he would at bar. He loves his friends and he would do anything for them. He also tries to be a good example for his peers and kids that are younger than him.
He considers himself romantic at times, but is slightly pessimistic about love. He thinks that love comes in many different ways and that he is in a time of his life where he only loves people as friends or family. Benjamin loves being single and figuring out what it is that he truly wants. He wants to get to know himself before he commits to anyone special.
As long as he keeps working with these great photographers and keeps his body in shape, he hopes to continue to produce great work. To everyone who likes his work, he says thank you for all their positive comments.
Benjamin is a very active guy and when not studying or modelling, he loves going to the beach, parasail and surf when the waves are right. He has just bought a skimboard, which he finds incredibly fun. He also loves skateboarding and really likes going to Volcom skate park right by OCC and getting crazy. He loves and embraces all extreme sports 100%!
Vital statistics
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Hazel
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Skin colour: Olive