Alexandre Slaviero

The Brazilicious Alexandre Slaviero was born in Curitiba on December 26, 1983.

He is a model and actor. He was best know for playing "Kiko" on the most famous teen TV show in Brazil, Malhação. "I can identity a little bit with Kiko, because he values friendship just like I do and he's very peaceful. But I'm not a player like him. I'm a lot calmer" says Alexandre about his character Kiko.

Aside from acting and modelling, Alexandre also practiced judo and capoeira until the age of 13.

Alexandre is 5' 10" tall with beautiful dark brown eyes. He describes himself as being outgoing, very motivated and friendly. He dislikes people who are impatient.

During his spare time, he loves to read and listen to music. His favorite song is "Don't Worry Be happy" by Bob McFerrin and he likes the band Legião Urbana.