Steve Sabo

Another All American Guys model, one of my favourite! Gorgeous Steve is a native of St Louis, Missouri. He is 5’8” and weighs 175lbs, Steve has beautiful hazel eyes. Besides his gorgeous face, Steve's best attribute has to be his biceps!
From an early age weight training has been an essential part of his life. He became interested in bodybuilding around the age of 17 and entered his first natural contest at 18. He placed first in teens and second in men’s novice without even dieting. But Steve eventually decided that bodybuilding wasn’t for him when he was told he would have to take steroids to get to the pro level which he is very against.
Steve has played roller hockey for 8 years and loves it. He also enjoys playing soccer and watching MMA.

He has recently graduated from high school and he is focusing very hard on his modelling career. Eventually he would like to study and become a personal trainer and a nutritionist/dietician.

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Anonymous said…
His nipples are so sexy! Love to suck them!
Anonymous said…
I`d suck his nipples all friggin day! Yum!!
Anonymous said…
Love the pic with his tank top pulled over his head. So sexy especially with those perfectly shaped nips.