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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Luke Guldan

Teen bodybuilder, now underwear and fitness model, Luke was born in 1986.

He is one of the new faces of R&L Models and Ellite Models of New York.
He eHe was the cover guy of Exercise Magazine March 2009 so if you want to have a sexy body like him, you should buy one and do his exercises! LOL!

This mega sexy hot gorgeous guy started training toward the end of his junior year in high school for school’s annual body building show. He won the 1st place in that contest.

In Exercise Magazine, asked about his athletic background Luke says he “played three varsity sports in high school, track, volleyball and basketball along with a work out regimen. Athletics have always been a major part of my background growing up.”
In the same questionnaire, he also mentions that he is a huge movie buff.

Check out his webpage: http://lukeguldan.bizntwk.com/

Luke’s vital statistics
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 175
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Green/Blue
2003 FHHS Bodybuilding Show 1st Place
2004 FHHS Bodybuilding Show 1st Place
2004 NABBA Mr. Empire State 1st Place
2007 WNSO FAME World Championships Top Five
2007 INBF Hercules Won Pro Status
2008 INBF Mr. Fitness 1st Place and Overall
2008 IFPA Yorton Cup 17th Place*
*First Pro Show
Hot youtube photo collage of Luke


Anonymous said...

what kind of jackets is he wearing the black n grey one?

DJ said...

To me luke is wearing a light grey hooded top and a black denim (or cotton) jacket.

But no matter what he is wearing (or not wearing for that matter) Luke is such a gorgeous sexy guy!