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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Leandro Okabe

Leandro Okabe (previously known as Leandro Bulhoes), god of beauty, was born in 1985 of Japanese and Brazilian parents, which gives him his stunning unique looks! He’s currently one of the most celebrated male models from East to West.

I don’t have a big thing about tattoos but Leandro’s huge oblique tattoo drives me mad! Apparently it means LOVE in Japanese.

Leandro is 6 foot tall and weighs about 175lbs. He is a Physical Education student from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Leandro began his modelling career in Asia, mostly in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong, then was discovered by an agency in Brazil.

He was the Terra’s “The Boy” model in 2007.

His project of life: “I always intend to work, to construct a family and to have my proper business” he says.

There are tons of pics of Leandro all over the web and here are just a few ... I just can’t tire of Leandro ...

Have a look at this behind the scene video - Leandro does a photoshoot for DOM (De Outro Modo) magazine fourth issue :

Black leather really becomes him!


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