Ivan Rusilko

Top photo by Fatima Quezada.

Ivan is a 4th year medical student, born in 1984 in Meadville, Pennsylvania. With striking features and a super muscular lean physique Ivan is a fashion and fitness model.
Ivan was a great high school hockey player for the Meadville Bulldogs.
In addition to becoming a future medical professional and modelling, Ivan also specialises in personal training, fitness /nutritional consultation and professional photography/art.
Mister USA! Yeah, if you didn’t already know, Ivan was voted Mister USA 2008 last August. On top of being crowned Mister USA, he was also voted the overall Best Physique and Best Smile in the entire competition. Take a look at the Mister USA site http://www.mrusa2008.com
Ivan is a happy go lucky kinda guy with lots of ambition and has a unique outlook on life. He enjoys all sports and loves working out and staying fit.
Check Ivan’s work at http://www.AllAmericanGuys.com or better still join his website at http://www.ivanrusilko.net and see loads of pictures and read what Ivan is up to!
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