Brent Van Zant

Brent Van Zant, the breathtakingly hot beach boy model, was born in a place called Paradise (such fitting birthplace for such heavenly gorgeous guy!), in Northern California. "It's a small town and it was a great place to grow up," says Brent Van Zant. "I spent a lot of my childhood fishing and camping."

Brent now lives in Hermosa Beach, just south of LA.

When I look at Brent pictures there’s something shy about him, which makes him more enigmatic and appealing. He also seems to be a very likeable guy and he's got a spark in his eye that makes him irresistible.

Brent is interested in acting but the cut-throat world of LA is not his kind of scene. "LA is a very competitive place, which isn't me at all. People here have had years of experience, so I'll have to do some training. To tell you the truth, I really don't like LA. That's why I have to live on the beach, or I think I'd go crazy."

Brent was a student and a construction worker before entering the world of modelling. "If you'd told me back then that I'd be flying to New York and Europe to be photographed I never would have believed you," he says. And there is so much of the world I'd like to see. I've travelled to Europe, but I want to see more. I've heard you guys have amazing beaches. Growing up in California all my life I'm such a beach guy. I'd also like to check out New Zealand and Asia."

In the future, this down to earth Californian would like to be starting a family. And how does he feel about being voted number two by DNA readers? "Kind of shocked and very flattered. It’s cool that people all the way across the other side of the world have voted for me. I'd have to agree though that Brad Pitt deserves number one."

Brent has done the cover of Men’s Fitness and countless swimwear pictorials and fashion shoots. From the cover of Men’s Fitness to his hot swimwear spread in the February issue of Aussie mag DNA, decked out in Aussie Bum undies, Brent has killer abs and a gorgeous look that’s almost too much to handle. Brent continues to work in Europe and Australia doing print modelling. But like most models, he has acting on the horizon.

** Brent’s quotes taken from DNA Magazine**

**Photo copyright DNA Magazine and unknown**


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