Alan Valdez

I am usually not that attracted to bodybuilders – I just find the poses silly and I don’t think they really show the natural body shapes and beauty of a man. But that’s my opinion anyway ... but in Alan’s case, what is there not to like, to love and to lust over?

In ModelMayham website, Alan introduces himself: “Hi, my name is Alan Valdez, I'm 21 years old. All my life I liked to play sports and was named in All-State several teams. I started my modeling career in early 2007. I have won fitness modeling competitions, and recently I got 2nd Place in the Model America Championships (November 2008). My goal now is to become a Latin Icon in Modeling.”

Alan could become a great role model for all those who want to improve their physique and perhaps for young people like himself, inspiring them to focus on their lives and achieve whatever they wish to do.

A prospective model at All American Guys, I really hope Alan will join all the other hot sexy guys already working there. Check out this intro vid


Wences Classic 2008 (1st place)
Universe Weekend 2008 (top 15)
Model America Championships 2008 (2nd place)
Magazine Cover of Exercise for Men (April 2009)

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