Peter Pagan

Since it is Peter's birthday I thought I'd had a few photos of this gorgeous sexy hunk!

Peter hails from Rochester, New York. He is a 24 year old stunning model of Hispanic background, who at 6’ and 180lbs has done some amazing fitness modelling work at All American Guys with Michael Anthony Downs.

is also a college student and is a well rounded and cosmopolitan kind of guy and always open to trying new things.

He has modelled underwear for
Moda Audaci.

Peter describes himself as someone who loves to laugh even in bad situations. "A day without laughter is a day wasted," says Peter. He also calls himself a romantic, a "lover not a fighter" and loves working out and keeping in shape.


Anonymous said…
Might want to Check out Nick Ayler on OohLala's magazine. Hes a newbie with quite the potential and experience. Just a thought...that would overwhelm you.
DJ said…
Thanks for the suggestion Anonymous! I've come across Nick a little while ago when I found his ModelMayhem profile. I am builtding a profile for him. I totally agree, Nick is breathtakingly stunning! See him in here soon. Cheers. DJ.x
zipp said…
It's nearly 2 years since these Peter Pagan pics were posted ... Anyone know what he's doing these days ?
DJ said…
Peter ius still doing some modelling wok. I will post a few shots he did for NorCalBodz. Glad you like Peter; he is such a sexy guy!
Anonymous said…
Peter is simply breathtaking...his mouth drives me wild!
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous guy; work he's done for Legend Men is great. The interview in one of the videos give a great sense of who he is.