Chad Castellanos

Chad is a 24 year old model who grew up in the small town of Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.
He is thankful for his very supportive family. His mum’s side of the family is a mixture of Irish, French, German and Bohemian; his dad’s side is Cuban. This very interesting background gives him his stunning looks!

Chad grew up playing baseball, hockey and soccer. In second grade he got interested in riding BMX bikes. Eventually his parent’s backyard basically turned into a skate park!

In an interview with Connex24.7 two years ago, Chad reveals that with the help of his brother in law and one of his friends he recently built a house. “The house is two levels and each of us has our own living quarters. I also have a ramp in our garage that we bike and skateboard on. I like to read about anything. Whether it’s from reading or first hand experience I think it’s great to have better understanding in how the world functions. I never took the opportunity to attend college, so I’m sort of a self educator ...
... Traveling is important to me, and I love experiencing other cultures. Mexico is one of my favorite places to go, but I know that if I ever get the chance, Cuba will be my favorite country to visit.”

Chad is a gorgeous guy in the inside as well as the outside. He has a great personality and passion for life. In the same interview he says: “I’m passionate about social justice, friends, work, and family. I am passionate about these things because that is what my parents and grandparents taught me”

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