Joey Del Viscio

Joey is a stunning guy of Italian decent, which can be seen in his gorgeous dark looks - beautiful olive skin, black hair and brown eyes. He is 24 and lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Construction worker by trade, Joey is also a model, a stripper and a Mixed Martial Arts fighter!
You can catch him touring with the other gorgeous guys of International Hunks, but it's unfortunately women and couples only!

Joey's hobbies include ice hockey, weight lifting (that's a surprise!), boxing and MMA.

He has appeared in Men's Exercise, in the coffee table book: 'Temptation At The White House' and can be seen at the fantastic All American Guys website (see link in 'My favourite sites'). There are many pictures of Joey there and many video clips of this hunk, including gym videos where Joey explains the exercises he demonstrates.

Enjoy the pics!

Photos copyrighted to Michael Anthony Downs and Les Byerley.